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The Inovet headquarters. The safe haven from which to control our Benelux home market.
The bustling centre to coordinate Distribution, R&D and Sales & Marketing.


The walhalla of Inovet’s Research & Development know-how. The epicentre of our biggest home market. Inovet’s engine with a main focus on production.



The central base which covers our Hungarian home market. The intermediate for many of our European partners. The assistant for regulatory needs.

Each day the people of Inovet work hard
to complete our mission!

Our mission is to develop, produce and market a range of products that improve and protect the health status of animals while living up to the highest European standards regarding safety, quality and efficacy. 

By protecting the health of animals, we protect our own health and future. Every customer faces different day-to-day challenges in ensuring the health and welfare of the animals in their care. By working closely with our distributors we are able to offer them tailor-made solutions, country by country, and farm by farm.

Our values


We are honest, principled and decent.
We are friendly and approachable.
We are people dealing with people.
We show pride in our brands and heritage.


Our heritage is built on quality and reliability. Our customers rely on Inovet to find a solution that’s right for them. That's why we partner with respected distributors worldwide, who share our values. We learn from the experiences of customers and partners.


We are a global company, with one global quality standard.
Together with our local partners we maintain
a close connection with the local markets.


We treat others with respect regardless of their race, color or belief.
We always assume positive intent. We ensure the same quality and service standards worldwide. We listen to understand.


We provide European quality worldwide.
We act responsibly towards the environment.
We focus on offering solutions.


We combine the efficacy of a multinational with the flexibility of a family company. We aim for flawless delivery and learn from our mistakes. We have a “can do” attitude and motor to get the job done. We are passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

Our profile

Livestock products

Our VMD® Livestock pharma brand embraces approximately 120 different veterinary medicines and animal health products and over 2,000 international marketing authorisations for livestock production and in full compliance with GMP guidelines and regulations.

Niche products

Our Biové® Laboratoires brand offers
approximately 40 different veterinary medicines and animal health products for domestic animals and minor species.

Home markets

Home markets

Our three home markets: Benelux, France, and Hungary enable us to have a firm grip on the European market.

Core activity

Our core activity is the research, production and marketing of veterinary medicines and animal health products.

wholesale activity

Wholesale activity

In the Benelux, Inovet supplements
its activities with the wholesale
of veterinary instruments and
dietary food for companion animals.

Toll manufacturing

Toll manufacturing

Next to the production of the local brands, Inovet offers toll manufacturing services to European companies who appreciate Inovet's dedication, expertise and flexibility.



Jan Moons (DVM) acquired the company
in 1989 and invested heavily in the
production facilities, regulatory affairs, product development, and setup of a worldwide distribution network.

Skilled professionals

Skilled professionals

Operating with a team of highly skilled professionals, Inovet closely monitors the latest trends in the animal health sector and has taken the necessary steps towards the future.

Our main focus

Our history

  • 1910

    Foundation of Laboratoires Ducloy
    Active in pharmaceuticals
    for human use

  • 1952

    Foundation of veterinary department
    Laboratoires Biové S.A.S.

  • 1973

    Foundation of V.M.D. nv/sa
    active in the distribution of
    pharmaceutical raw materials for

  • 1992

    Construction of an injectable
    plant for veterinary medicines


    Acquisition of Inovet


    Start of registration and
    commercialization of veterinary
    medicines under the VETo- Brand(VMD)


    Acquisition of Provelux

  • 1998

    Aquisition of laboratoires Biard


    Construction of pharmaceutical
    oral powder plant

  • 2002

    Aquisition of Avicopharma


    Aquisition of KFT United


    Merger and consolidation of the VMD & Biové activities

  • 2008

    Construction of a pharmaceutical
    oral solution plant


    Construction of new headquarters

  • 2014

    Business Leasing contract
    Laboratoires Moureau

  • 2015

    Foundation of the Inovet® Holding

  • Ready for the future

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