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We cure we care

We cure we care

A concept that is very close related to the Inovet DNA.

You’ll find the essense of this idea in all VMD Livestock pharma products. Farmers and veterinarians work day in day out to ensure a healthy pack, herd or flock. Our VMD Livestock pharma brand embraces products which are especially developed to offer them a trusted solution.

We cure. We care. A concept that is very close related to the Inovet DNA.
Know what you eat!

Know what you eat!

Industrially bred and controlled meat is turning into a human right rather than a privilege.

With a growing population and increasing global standards, the intensive livestock industry is gaining importance. This results in a continual higher demand for livestock medicines as well. Through long-term relationships with our exclusive partners we ensure that our products, expertise and knowledge reaches big and small, and thereby providing the same European Quality – Worldwide.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop, produce and market a range of products that improve and protect the health status of livestock, improving the profitability of the intensive livestock industry.

Our vision

Living up to the highest European standards regarding safety, quality and efficacy. Providing these high standards all around the world to guarantee healthy meat production.

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