VMD Livestock Pharma back in the Democratic Republic of Congo “one of the roughest diamonds in the world”

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VMD Livestock Pharma back in the Democratic Republic of Congo “one of the roughest diamonds in the world”

Reintroduction of VMD Livestock Pharma products back in one of the roughest diamonds in the world – The Democratic Republic of Congo! 

A rough diamond with enormous resources and a promising agricultural potential!

Inovet can only make a small contribution to the Congolese people by supplying them with quality veterinary medicines along with experienced technical staff. We help to keep animals healthy, and thereby we support the continuous food supply.

After being out of the market for a few years due to political and economic instability we decided together with our partner TBN Agrofield, Mr. Daniel Mandzi (Republic Congo) to re-open a branch in Gombe, Kinshasa. Covid-19 delayed our relaunch plans, but today we are proud to say that our VMD Livestock Pharma products are once again available. Many Congolese have enjoyed our products in the past, after all, the availability of quality veterinary medicines remains poor.

Some facts & figures 

The DR Congo is the 2nd largest country of Africa (surface 77 x Belgium), has a population of over 100 million with an expected growth to 150 million by 2030. Kinshasa only counts about 12 million people. 80 % of the Congolese population is less than 25 years old.

When we state that the DR Congo has an exceptional agricultural potential, that’s even an understatement. The country has more agricultural land available than any other African country. With 80 million hectares arable land, it has the potential to feed 3 billion people, can you imagine, this is more than 1/3 of the total world population. Unfortunately, only 5 % of this arable land is used today, making the country incapable of feeding its population. As a consequence, the DRC imports for nearly 1,5 billion USD food yearly.

The cattle herd of DRC (estimated 40 million head) is very diverse with the biggest cattle ranches in eastern Congo, but political instability and armed conflicts have led to serious herd and production reductions over the years. Meat production covers only 5 % of the country’s total needs.

We can conclude that there is a direct correlation between political stability and agricultural development. Indeed, there is a long way to go with numerous hurdles before this rough diamond will turn into a crystal clear one and shine.

The team of TBN Agrofield RDC/Inovet is ready to welcome its customers @ :
32, Avenue Haut Congo
Commune de la Gombé
Tel : 08 918 83 204 / 09 749 73 480

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