Additional plant in France to meet the growing demand for livestock medicines

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Additional plant in France to meet the growing demand for livestock medicines

With a growing population and increasing global standards, the intensive livestock
industry is gaining importance. This results in a continual higher demand for
livestock medicines as well. 
Inovet is eager to meet this demand. The solution? Find out in the video below…

For our site in France, we are building an additional sterile solution plant to
increase our production capacity:

  • Two new filling lines for the production of up to 3 batches of 3000 L a day
    • One multi-purpose line for plastic or glass 10 to 250 mL vials
    • One dedicated line for plastic 500 to 1000 mL vials
  • Sterilization will be done by filtration and/or thermal sterilization
  • A Water for Injection (WFI) capacity of 21 000 L a day

We aim to be fully operational and EU GMP annex 1 and FDA compliant by 2023.

Next to the sterile solution plant, we are building new microbiology laboratories for QC and R&D.

And last but not least, we are also building new centralized offices. A better workplace for our Inovet family!

 As a company, we are always adapting to serve our customers in the best way possible! 

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