Agrena 2017 – Egypt

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Agrena 2017 – Egypt

AGRENA 2017 took place last week from 13th till 15th July 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. It targeted the flourishing poultry, livestock & fish industry in one of the biggest markets for poultry, livestock & fish products in the Middle East, with an emphasis on giving the possible opportunities to broaden horizons and to see the latest technology, products and services in Middle East, particularly in Egypt.

VMD Livestock pharma participated in this pivotal event with its exclusive ambassador for Egypt Intermedicavet (VMD Egypt). It has been a successful event compared to last years and we had overwhelming enquiries from throughout the region. Intermedicavet has been successfully promoting the VMD brand in Egypt for the past 2 decades.

Dr. Jan Moons (CEO INOVET) and the entire team of VMD Livestock pharma extends its gratitude to VMD Egypt, especially Dr. Ashraf Hassan, Dr. Bassem Hassan and Shady Ashraf Hassan, who maintained their professionalism and arranged a well-designed impressive booth (focusing on the new branding) and also introduced new innovative marketing tools which attracted masses of the general public.

VMD Livestock pharma, also appreciate the support from our international partners, who made the efforts to visit this important event within Middle East and North Africa. Our especial thanks to Dr. AbdelKareem Hashim from Sudan, Dr. Wafir Saleh from Iraq, Dr. Sonbol Ahmed from Saudi Arabia, Mr. Tarek Alwazani from Jordan and Dr. Fareed from UAE.

The large turnout at the VMD Livestock pharma stand confirmed that VMD is a well-established brand in Egypt, and the products are highly regarded by the local veterinarians and key stake holders of the veterinary industry.

Mr. Frans Vandorpe and Mr. Yawar Abbas, Area Managers represented VMD Livestock pharma, and took this opportunity to discuss commercial and technical aspects in regards to VMD products, with our valued partners and potential customers.

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