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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecovadis Silver Medal

Inovet is always eager to improve. That is why we took up the challenge to evaluate our contribution to corporate social responsibility (CSR) via the EcoVadis platform.

EcoVadis uses an evaluation method that measures the quantitative and qualitative evolution of a company around themes related to sustainable development.

CSR is about the voluntary consideration of companies to make social, ecological and economic choices in their activities and contacts.

Inovet is happy to share the results of this evaluation with you, including the silver medal we achieved. A reward that we received after studying the following 4 themes:

  1. Surroundings
  2. Human and labor rights
  3. Ethics
  4. Sustainable suppliers / raw materials

This evaluation enabled us to immerse ourselves in the theme of CSR, motivated us to translate the principles into concrete actions, and finally taught us a good approach to social responsibility around the world.

Inovet wants to evolve ethically and by safeguarding the well-being of employees and the environment, Inovet is committed to investing even more in corporate social responsibility.

Palletizing robot liquid solutions unit Arques

For example, in 2019 Inovet Arques invested in a palletizing robot in the liquid solutions unit. This robot is not only ergonomic (it reduces MSA: musculoskeletal disorders), but it also adapts to different situations, optimizes workspace and maximizes production efficiency by reducing the need for workers to lift less heavy loads. We are happy to say today that the installation of this robot is a success!

This is just an example of the investments and improvements that have already been made or are being rolled out to improve our sustainability, namely semi-automatic foil wrapping machines, semi-electric scissor lifts, an optimization system for sorting waste, etc.

We take the opportunity to tell you about a brand new investment project in progress in Inovet Arques: the purchase of a vacuum hoisting machine. Thanks to a suction system, it is possible to handle heavy loads of up to 60 kg effortlessly and safely during the handling of goods and the loading or unloading of pallets.

In our division in Arendonk we try to make our contribution to corporate social responsibility by, for example, opting for plants as sun blinds or by supporting students.

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