Farmers days in Dar Es Salaam: a great boost to improve farming standards in Tanzania

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Farmers days in Dar Es Salaam: a great boost to improve farming standards in Tanzania

The past days, we were present at the ‘Farmers Days’ in Dar Es Salaam -Tanzania. This three-day event is organized by our exclusive partner, Multivet Farm Limited.

Together with our partner, our marketing & export area manager, Felix Moons, welcomed over 500 farmers. The first two days many farmers visited different booths to learn more about the newest veterinary medicines, additives and feed solutions. Felix was pleased to see that Multivets’ veterinarians had an advisory role, rather than a sales-oriented role.

Our area manager took this opportunity to visit some farms in Dar. It was quickly clear that there is room for improvement on different levels such as biosecurity, vaccination and correct usage of antibiotics. However, he was happy to see that most of the farmers are continuously learning and improving themselves. With the guidance from Multivet, the farmers will evolve. This will make their farm more sustainable and profitable.

On the last day, Multivet organized a conference which was attended by more than 300 farmers. With different international and local speakers, this was the highlight of the ‘Farmers Days’. During the conference, Felix talked about the correct usage of antibiotics and the importance of high dosed mono-molecules. The farmers start to understand to use these higher dosed medicines, rather than antibiotic cocktails.

Felix wants to congratulate Dr. Henry Ruhinguka (CEO Multivet), and his entire team for their tremendous efforts to increase the farming standards in Tanzania. Inovet is proud to be a part of this positive impact!

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