How about the future of livestock farming in Sri Lanka?

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How about the future of livestock farming in Sri Lanka?

Last week our area manager Veronique Aben was in Sri Lanka where she organized an interactive workshop with the sales team of our exclusive distributor Emerchemie. Together they discussed the positioning of new key products to be launched within the next 3 months and defined the priorities for 2020. During this brainstorm session we got some useful insights on the local market. Knowing that the local dairy industry is producing only 42 % of the local consumption, there is an acute need to increase the local milk production. The objective to achieve self-sufficiency in milk production is high priority today for Sri Lanka. As a step towards that objective, the government decided to initiate measurements to boost the dairy industry and we see various investments on different levels going on to accelerate the development of the sector. Taking into account this evolution, we decided to serve the developing dairy industry. Within Inovet, we dispose of an extensive and innovative product line for professional dairy farming. It is our priority to make these products available as soon as possible for the Sri Lankan dairy farmers and contribute to an increased yield. Thank you Emerchemie for a fruitful exchange. We look forward to helping you explore this new market!

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