Inovet goes to battle against the deadly ASF epidemic

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Inovet goes to battle against the deadly ASF epidemic

The pig industry is fighting one of the world’s most feared viruses and they are losing it. This devastating virus, that causes a hemorrhagic fever in pigs, is called the African swine fever (ASF). Epidemiologists all over the world are closely monitoring the spread. Country after country, is suffering from the catastrophic impact, and even Taiwan reported the first infected pig. There is no known treatment, and an infection results in a 100 % mortality rate. The associated economic losses are excessively high. Even non-infected farms do not escape the torture of the virus and the entire herd is at risk to be slaughtered preventively.

Inovet is committed to help its partners and pig farmers in the affected regions in their struggle against this deadly virus. This is why, in the past few days, together with our partner Nuevo Milenio, in Manila – Philippines, we organized a seminar on African Swine Fever for more than 200 major pig industry stakeholders. By organizing this seminar, we take responsibility, create awareness and point out that biosafety is the only solution.

We were happy to welcome Professor Romeo Sanchez, a renowned professor at Los Baños University, and dr. Jos Schillebeekx, a Belgian veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in the pig industry. Under the motto “forewarned is forearmed”, Dr. Schillebeekx and Professor Sanchez emphasized the importance of a high quality disinfectant to minimize this threat. We were pleased to hear that our D4+ DISINFECTANT has proven efficacy against ASF and is a trusted partner for many veterinarians and farmers. We want to thank both experts from the industry again for sharing their knowledge and experiences and as a company we plan to keep pulling our weight in the fight against ASF.

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