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Inovet World Conference 2018

Reception of gratitude

Friday, 14th of September, 19.00 h, will always be etched in our minds as the kick-off to our very first Inovet World Conference. The event that we had lived up to for several months included more than 100 guests from 50 nationalities at our welcome reception with live music, drinks and tasty canapés. 

All partners were excited to be part of the IWC18 and the Inovet family, including one of our oldest partners, Dr. Sai San Aik from Myanmar, who honoured our CEO, Dr. Jan Moons, with a handmade Inovet frame, comprised of selected Burmese pearls. Many partners brought special gifts from their home countries which will all receive a special place at the Inovet headquarters. Dr. Moons and the entire export team were overwhelmed with gratitude. 

Warm welcome to the Inovet family

Saturday morning, Dr. Moons officially opened the conference by sharing his vision with our partners, thanking each one of them for being here and being a part of the Inovet family. 

He emphasized the significance of intensive livestock industry as the most important resource in feeding the growing world population. He stated that industrially bred and controlled meat is turning into a human right rather than a privilege. 

Being a family owned company allows us the flexibility to adapt, giving us the opportunity to serve livestock health, which in turn helps humans lead a healthy life. 

“We are a multination company, but not a multinational”
Dr. Jan Moons

The future goal is to provide European quality veterinary medicines worldwide. Inovet will keep its focus on the research, production and marketing of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products. 

Today, Inovet offers over 160 different veterinary medicines and over 1,800 international marketing authorizations, under the umbrella of two leading veterinary brands: VMD® Livestock pharma and Biové® Laboratoires. 

Invest to grow

Dr. Moons took advantage of the occasion to announce the construction of a new injectable plant which will start later this year. An investment which will triple Inovet’s capacity of injectables, making us, and our partners, ready to serve the global needs of individual treatment. 

Motivation by a knight

After these inspiring words we were able to welcome no one less than Mr. Brian Farley. Brian is an American born baseball player and coach who has lived in the Netherlands for the past 28 years. In 2011 as national team coach, Mr. Farley led the Dutch to the baseball world championship – the first time a European team has ever won a world championship in baseball. For this achievement, Mr. Farley was honoured with a knighthood and was voted coach of the year at the 2011 sports gala. 

Brian is a veritable team player, who realised that the focus should not be on yourself. He took his knowledge, creativity and experience to motivate others. He didn’t only apply his principles on the field, but also as regional sales manager for Diageo. Brian shared his experience and motived all partners by talking about the Ripple effect, the Why and Perception. He motivated everyone to stretch out of their comfort zone and to embrace the feeling of being a TEAM: Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.

Mr. Farley made a huge positive impact on the diverse group of partners! An immediate result was seen during the coffee break. Different cultures, languages, countries, and people from all around the world started mingling, stepping out of their comfort zone to learn from each other.

Veterinarian turned manager

Following coffee and sweets and reflecting on Brian’s inspiring words, everyone’s mind was open to discovering the modern role of antibiotics in the intensive livestock industry. Dr. Frans Dirven from veterinary clinic Lintjeshof came to Budapest to talk about the inspiring way he handled antibiotics restrictions imposed by the local authorities. 

He explained how he completely banned preventive use of antibiotics and kept the same economical outcome by applying proper farm management. He emphasised the importance of the veterinarian as a gate keeper to animal health. By focusing on the day-to-day health and well-being of livestock, preventative use of antibiotics is no longer necessary. Therefore, we can focus on new curative antibiotics to ensure animal health. A demonstration that embraced our ‘we cure we care’ mentality. 

It’s HOW you say it

After a hearty lunch, Mrs. Anna Jankovich once again welcomed us to the conference room. Anna is a certified international coach, trainer and facilitator, half French and half Canadian, of Russian origin and living in Budapest. Anna focuses on organisational communication and empowers managers by reconnecting them to their EQ (Emotional Intelligence). 

During our interactive “Reconnecting with your EQ” session, we learned that communication is key. “It’s not the way you say, it’s how you say it”. With our network of partners and distributors in over 120 countries, it’s very important to acknowledge and embrace our cultural differences and really listen to each other, focusing more on the other person than on yourself. 

“You are the most diverse group of people I have ever coached”
Mrs. Anna Jankovich

Anna provided us with a set of convenient tools to improve our personal and coaching skills – tools that could be put to task immediately in our diverse group. We learned that asking questions that start with ‘Why’ can be perceived as aggressive, that acknowledgement in conversations is crucial, and that it is okay to fail from time to time because creating emotional intelligence is a life-long learning curve. 

The future of livestock in data

We didn’t only reconnect with our EQ, Dr. Tommy Van Limbergen shared his promising insights on the future management of poultry farms by collecting and processing data from farmers, veterinarians, poultry stables, feed producers, etc. He’s the general manager of Pehestat, a company that offers tailor-made advice for poultry farms and industry stakeholders based on specific performance, health and welfare indicators.

“Data science isn’t sexy, but it’s going to change the future!” 
Dr. Tommy van Limbergen

By using in-field examples, he highlighted that the collection, processing and the correct interpretation of different sets of data will be beneficial to all stake holders. It improves poultry farm management and helps veterinarians provide better service. One of the interesting insights that Dr. Van Limbergen gathered with data, was the fact that we can decrease the usage of amoxicillin in poultry farms by using a combination of lincomycin and spectinomycin during the first week.

When magic inspires business

To round off the guest speaking, we welcomed Mr. Johann Bayle, a renowned magician consultant who stimulates self-improvement. Johann used the art of illusionism to illustrate the impact on Inovet and its partners by merging his three passions: magic, the art of management and personal development and coaching. 

Johann engaged with the audience by linking four essential principles in business with magic. This is how we learned the as-if principle, the element of surprise, sharing experiences and the importance of framing. It was a magical and amusing way to end the intensive, yet enriching, conference.

From magic to magical

Three busses drove us to a unique location in the middle of Budapest. Upon arrival, we were welcomed in the lush gardens of Haris Park, a recently renovated gentleman’s club, to enjoy a glass of bubbles and some canapés while listing to some soft jazz. The setting, paired with the lovely weather, smiling faces and the fact that everyone “dressed to impress” made this evening a fairy-tale like experience.

The greatest award is doing something you’re proud of

After the welcome aperitif in the gardens, everyone was ushered to the ballroom where their tables were found via a hand drawn animal picture. Once everyone was seated, and the first drinks were served, it was time for us to honour our guests. During a 30 minutes award ceremony, we handed out no less than 25 awards to the most valued members of the Inovet family. We crowned different kings for different categories such as the king of a product, the king of yearly growth, the king of lifetime achievement, the king of registered products.

But there could only be one overall winner. The King of the Kings, a company, a man, who had the last three years’ biggest turnover. Congratulations once again to the King of the Kings, or maybe even better, the Pharaoh of the Kings, Dr. Bassem Ashraf from Intermedicavet in Egypt. All the excitement had left us hungry. Luckily, we were treated to a delectable four course gourmet menu, while enjoying beautiful flamenco dancing and live music.

Goose bumps moment

To top off the bill, the Inovet story was brought by Quartzbox, a sand and paint animation show, unique in its kind. Various complex and creative processes were combined, resulting in a mind-blowing live performance with visual imaginary. This unique spectacle was admired by all present – a true goose bumps feeling. Following this breath-taking spectacle, we went back to the hotel to reflect on the day while enjoying one last drink at the bar. Please enjoy the shortened version of this story of Inovet.

Budapest, beauty on the Danube

Sunday morning, three skilled city guides showcased the city’s highlights. We visited the House of Parliament, an enormous and impressive neo-gothic building on the banks of the Danube river. On the other side of the river, we discovered Buda Castle, a massive 19th century building towering above the river.

The highlight of our tour was the Gellert Hill, at 235 m high, offering the most beautiful view of the city and the mighty Danube. On this hilltop, also known as The Citadel, we discovered the Hungarian Statue of Liberty, a powerful woman overlooking the east side of the city with a palm leaf in both hands.

The afternoon program took us to the Etyek wine region where we were welcomed in a modern winery, Etyak Kúria. Located on top of a hill with amazing views over the Etyek vineyards, it’s hereabouts the Romans cultivated grapes 2000 years ago. After a tasty chicken barbecue buffet, people could sample the local wines or attend a cake workshop and tasting.

While enjoying the mixture of history and culture, we used the opportunity to get to know each other and discover mutual opportunities in the animal health sector. The one-hour drive to the hotel was a chance for some relaxation in preparation for the evening boat cruise and dinner.

Floating on the Danube

As IWC18’s final activity, we took a dinner cruise on the Danube. With an aperitif in hand we discovered the fantastic panoramic view of Buda and Pest at night. It’s only in sailing on the Danube that one can truly appreciate the monumentality of the city. Later, we descended to enjoy a dinner together as a family – the Inovet Family.

Going out with a bang!

After the dinner, we rediscovered the deck floor where our fascination of this historical city –  the Paris of the East – culminated in fireworks, sparkling in the Budapest sky. With these sky festivities we could fully celebrate our Inovet Family, united now more than ever!

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