International Veterinary Pharma Expo 2017

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International Veterinary Pharma Expo 2017

The International Veterinary Pharma Expo 2017 was organised by Pakistan Veterinary Medicine Importers Group at the Expo Centre Lahore, Pakistan on 17th and 18th February 2017.

Pakistan Veterinary Medicine Importers Group is a newly formed association in Pakistan whose main objective is to look after the interests of the importers of veterinary pharmaceuticals in Pakistan.

VMD Livestock pharma, in conjunction with their exclusive distributor Orient Traders International (OTI) participated in the 1st edition of this new exhibition in Pakistan.

The stand was well designed and was visible to all that attended. It was an eventful 2 days with inquiries from local key stake holders, technicians and nutritionists. The high attendance at the stand endorsed the trust, quality and efficacy of VMD livestock pharma range in Pakistan.

VMD Livestock pharma is well known in Pakistan and its  product range is the No.1 choice for all the farmers and stake holders of the livestock industry in Pakistan.

Apart from the high concentrated water soluble antibiotics VMD Livestock pharma strength also lies in the unique formulation of nutritional products and an effective bio-security range.

HEPATOVETo® A Flying Start for Chicks. It is a unique 100% natural blend of Sorbitol, Lysine and specific derived herbal extracts. Its hepato-renal regulating properties optimizes zoo-technical and economic performance in poultry. HEPATOVETo® gives remarkable results in terms of weight gain and decrease mortality; hence more profits!

VMD Livestock pharma bio-security range consists of D4+ Disinfectant, VETo-SAN and VMD CLEAN.

D4+ Disinfectant is the combination of 5 different disinfectants in one product. It is effective against bacteria, viruses (including FMD virus), yeasts, moulds, algae and spores. It has a rapid action and long activity and is more than 90% biodegradable (OECD-method). D4+ contains a special natural component to remove the irritating odour of formaldehyde. D4+ can be used at low temperatures (5°C) without loss of activity and maintains full activity in hard water. Further the product is excellent for use in fog-devices because the presence of isopropanol and it is non-corrosive for materials and equipment.

VETo-SAN is an alkaline cleaner for soaking and removal of sticky dirt in poultry houses and hatcheries. VETo-SAN is a special, user friendly cleaning agent developed for the removal of sticky dirt in farms and hatcheries. It is an unique product and can be applied on all types of surfaces, machines and vehicles.

VMD CLEAN prevents obstruction in the pipes of the drinking water and keeps the system free from bacteria and other infectious microorganisms.

Advantages of VMD CLEAN:

  • Guarantees an optimal bacteriology of the drinking water.
  • Decontaminates the drinking water.
  • Sours the drinking water.
  • Reduces calcium sedimentation in the pipes.
  • Cleans the pipes.
  • Improves the production results.
  • Reduces the ammonium emissions in the stable by keeping the waste dry.

We congratulates the efforts of Dr. Khalid Iqbal and his entire team in showing their strength during  this event. Their continuous hard work and dedication has ensured that the VMD product portfolio acquires a good share of the current poultry industry of Pakistan.

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