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Promotional tour Cameroon

VMD, represented by Véronique Aben, organized a promotional tour to Cameroon from November 28 to December 1, in partnership with its exclusive distributor Huvavet, represented by Dr. Hugues Njassap and his sales team. Many customers of VMD have been visited or invited to round tables in Douala, Bafoussam and Yaounde for short training on certain products and to exchange their experiences, concerns etc … In addition to product presentations, customers could enjoy an exceptional promotion for the end of the year. We mainly wanted to make a contribution to the poultry sector that has been hit hard since the discovery of avian flu outbreaks in May 2016. Until today, poultry production remains largely paralyzed and the consequences are disastrous for many poultry operators in the sector. We sincerely hope that this crisis will end soon. The fact that the Poultry Fair (SAVI) will take place already in May instead of October 2018 and that the border with the Central African Republic is open again, makes us suspect that a gradual recovery will be confirmed very soon. We believe in it anyway and we have already confirmed our participation in SAVI.

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