Smiles from Karachi to Islamabad

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Smiles from Karachi to Islamabad

Inovet and its exclusive Pakistani partner, Orient Traders International (OTI), organized a road show in Pakistan from the 30th of April till the 5th of May. Dr. Geoffrey Ackaert (Product and Technical Manager Inovet) and Mr. Felix Moons (Marketing and Export Area Manager Inovet) respectively spoke about the “Advanced Approach in Commercial Poultry Farming” and “The Role of VMD Livestock pharma in the Modern Industry.

Dr. Geoffrey and Mr. Felix were very pleased to welcome over a thousand enthusiastic professionals during the four seminars which took place in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Islamabad. After the lectures, veterinarians, farmers, and other professionals shared their experiences and knowledge about the VMD Livestock pharma products. There were many different backgrounds, but everyone had one thing in common: a keen interest in profitable livestock.

No religion is higher than humanity

It was the overall kindness of the Pakistani people that struck our Inovet delegates the most. No wonder that it was Abdul Sattar Edhi, a Pakistani philanthropist, ascetic and humanitarian who said: “No religion is higher than humanity.” After meeting hundreds of people it was clear that it is this strong belief in humanity and kindness what makes every Pakistani smile.

An in-field success story

There is nothing more pleasing than hearing a success story. We met many people who told us their success stories of HEPATOVETo. We heard some tremendous results in buffalo and cattle, but the most impressive story came from a woman who told us she had increased the average slaughter weight of her chickens with 13% and decreased the overall mortality with 40%. It’s not without reason that we call HEPATOVETo the product that doesn’t need any marketing.

Thank you OTI

Inovet wants to thank the entire OTI team, and especially Dr. Khalid Iqbal (CEO OTI), for the efforts they’ve been putting in the organization. It is a trough honor to be able to call OTI the exclusive partner of Inovet. After multiple in-house trainings, seminars and corporate client visits Inovet is once again convinced of the true strengths of the Pakistani market.

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