VMD Road Trip 2016

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VMD Road Trip 2016

VMD Livestock pharma (member of INOVET Group) had organised Road Trip for their exclusive distributors from Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Sudan from 13th  till 18th  November 2016.

We are very thankful to all the guests who participated in this event and want to pass our gratitude to:

1.     Dr. Ashraf Hassan, along with his delegates, which included some team members and key stake holders from Egypt.

2.     Dr. Ahmed Nael from Kuwait.

3.     Mr Omar Banabdallah with his delegates from Morocco.

4.     Mohamed Adil Abdalla Mahmoud Mr Adel Mahmoud with delegates from Saudi Arabia.

5.     Mr. Ismail Abdelkaream Hashim Ahmed with a client from Sudan.


Monday the 14th, the participants had the opportunity to visit the state of art manufacturing facilities of Biové Production (member of INOVET Group), located in Arques, France.

Mr. Damien Schreuer, General Manager Biové Production arranged the site visit for the delegates, and briefed them through the manufacturing operations of powders, liquids and injections.

Monday evening was utilized in exploring the World-Heritage City of Bruges. Which everyone enjoyed and were impressed with the cultural, artistic and heritage of the city.

On Tuesday the 15th, Dr. Jan Moons (CEO INOVET Group) welcomed the participants at the headquarters located in Arendonk Belgium. Dr. Moons briefed the delegates about the INOVET group, and the future strategies and developments within the group.

Couple of technical sessions were also organised during the day, which were conducted by Vet-works. Maarten De Gussem, spoke about the Intestinal Health – latest on coccidiosis and Bacterial Enteritis, whereas Hilde Van Meirhaeghe, gave a presentation on Respiratory Complex – main components affecting poultry in 2016 Middle East Africa.

Dr. Geoffrey Ackaert, Product Manager VMD took an opportunity to explain about the efficacy and performance of VMD Feed Additives range, which included TOXIVETo, VETo-ACID and MOLD-HALT.

Later in the evening, the participants headed towards Hannover along with the Export Team of VMD Livestock pharma to visit Eurotier 2016.

It was an excellent opportunity which provided the necessary platform for all the participants to get to know each other and to share experiences and ideas which can be beneficial to all.  Surely the technical expertise gained through this event will be passed on to their respective clients and key customers once they are back in their countries.

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