25 years of support of the veterinary industry in Myanmar, the start of a new era

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25 years of support of the veterinary industry in Myanmar, the start of a new era

Already since the early 90ies, Inovet offers reliable solutions to many veterinarians and farmers in Myanmar with its VMD® Livestock pharma brand. During the past years, we have been noticing a positive shift in the farming industry in Myanmar, evolving from a back-yard farming culture to an intensive farm culture. We are glad to see that this shift results in a higher standard of living. Passing on knowledge and initiating veterinary health projects to further professionalise the industry is the way to go for Inovet. Therefore, last month, Dr Laurenz Mestdagh (Export area manager, Inovet) travelled to Myanmar to set up an anti-rabies project, to speak at the Annual Veterinary Conference and to sponsor the Veterinary Education Foundation.

Inovet helps Burmese veterinarians to fight rabies

With the professional help of our local partner, Htun Sai, and the MVA (Myanmar Veterinary Association), we organised an anti-rabies project in Myanmar. Due to the high street dog population in Myanmar, exceeding 120 000 in Yangon alone, the country faces a high incidence of rabies.

To avoid the spread, Dr Mestdagh, put together a team of two Belgian veterinarians and two master students from the prestigious University of Ghent for a 4-day trip in Yangon and Yezin. Together with other Burmese professionals, professors and last year students from Yezin Veterinary University, they sterilized and castrated many of the street dogs.

Passing on knowledge at the Annual Veterinary Conference

In addition to the anti-rabies project, Inovet was invited to the Annual Veterinary Conference which is organized by the Myanmar Veterinarian Association. During the conference, Dr Mestdagh shared his ideas and insights about the responsible use of anti-microbial products. He highlighted the important role of the veterinarian, the use of quality medicines rather than raw materials, and the need to increase the regulation on veterinary medicines.

Sponsorship of the Veterinary Education Foundation

With a growing Burmese population, the need for intensive farming increases as well. The role of the veterinarian in this intensive industry is crucial. We strongly believe that education and training are fundamental to be successful in this industry. To further boost this education, we sponsored the Veterinary Education Foundation in Myanmar. Our long-time partner, Dr Than Tun, chairman of the association, will use the sponsorship to ensure veterinarians can fully grab the potential of this rapidly changing industry.

Laurenz wants to express his gratitude to all the motivated veterinarians, master students and professors from Yezin Veterinary University for their support during the anti-rabies project. Additionally, he wants to thank and congratulate, Prof. Dr Tin Ngwe (president of the MVA) for the invitation and organisation of the Annual Veterinary Conference.

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