Inovet in the Land of Thousand Hills

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Inovet in the Land of Thousand Hills

The past three days, we were present at Poultry Africa 2019 in Rwanda, known as the beautiful ‘Land of Thousand Hills”. Poultry Africa is the first boutique-style Sub-Saharan Africa’s quality expo.

The fast-growing middle class in Sub-Sahara Africa drives rapid urbanization. This urbanization leads to changing consumption patterns, from a vegetable-based to a protein-based diet. This large-scaled shift has a positive impact on the quality of life and life expectancy but requires fast developments in professional farming. We are proud to be part of this sustainable growth by providing quality medicines.

Our area managers, Veronique Aben and Felix Moons, welcomed international partners from all over Sub-Saharan Africa in our Inovet booth. Next to our own booth, Agrotech, our exclusive partner for the Rwandan market, had a booth as well. This enabled us to welcome both our international partners, as well as local farmers and veterinarians.

Enroveto-20, from the VMD Livestock pharma range, was highlighted and highly appreciated. Farmers and veterinarians start to understand the importance of using high dosed mono-molecule antibiotics, rather than low dosed antibiotic cocktails. These lower dosed antibiotics often result in antimicrobial resistance, with huge losses for the farmers. Therefore, our unique 20 % enrofloxacin solution is a sustainable partner to win ‘the battle in the farm’.

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