International Poultry Exhibition, IPEX 2019, Lahore – Pakistan

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International Poultry Exhibition, IPEX 2019, Lahore – Pakistan

The past three days, we were present at the International Poultry Exhibition, IPEX 2019, Lahore – Pakistan. Together with our exclusive partner, Orient Traders International (OTI), we welcomed different key stake holders, technicians, nutritionists and students from all over Pakistan.

IPEX is the largest international event held in Pakistan. The exhibition is organised by the Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) and is a platform where the poultry industry shows its strength in the fields of veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed additives and poultry processing units.

Inovet is proud to be the 1st company that introduced high concentration single molecule medicines in Pakistan with their VMD Livestock pharma product range. A trend that other companies are now following. We are glad to see that highly respected veterinarians and farmers still experience these products as first choice.

This success is only possible through the dedication and hard work of the entire OTI team, and especially the progressive mindset of Dr. Khalid Iqbal (CEO, OTI). We want to once again give our greatest gratitude to the OTI team. They designed an impressive booth and they have done tremendous efforts to position our two brands: VMD Livestock pharma and Biové Laboratoires.

Our marketing & export area manager, Felix Moons, who represented Inovet, was motivated by the endorsement of many visitors. He wants to thank all the distinguished customers, corporate key clients and visitors who visited the stand and showed keen interest in the products as it instilled full confidence in the range of products available in Pakistan.

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