Nepal Poultry International Expo 2020

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Nepal Poultry International Expo 2020

In times of Coronavirus and travel restrictions and bans that go along with it, the international business is seriously impacted and it has become a real challenge for everyone involved, to maintain scheduled trips & and planned international expositions or other events.  Today we don’t know where the virus will hit tomorrow.

Despite the temporary travel stop in many companies, the virus has not prevented us from participating in the Nepal Poultry International Expo 2020, which took place from 28th of February till 1st of March at Chitwan Expo Centre. Area Manager Véronique Aben was present on the shared booth with Inovet’s exclusive partner for Nepal, Bhatbhateni International Pvt Ltd.

Nepal is becoming self-sufficient in poultry production and poultry sector is flourishing but at the same time suffering from the import of thousands of tonnes poultry products yearly through the porous border with the southern neighbour that are sold much cheaper than the locally produced products. This seriously affects the local farmers. Various visitors at our booth expressed their concern in this regard and explained about the various hindrances in trade, marketing, health, quality sanitation and management causing the production inefficient and non-competitive to big international players. We may conclude that the Nepalese poultry industry is at a turning point. Major changes are to be expected in the next years.  For sure, It will take time and resources but we trust to see a vibrant and profitable poultry industry in the coming years. The indispensable further professionalisation and industrialisation will also increase the demand for high-quality medicines. Therefore it has been agreed with Mr. Gurung Yubraj, Managing Director of Bhatbhateni that Inovet will also further expand and complete its product portfolio in Nepal. Based on customer demand and in consultation with the sales team, an initial selection of 6 new medicines was made. A thorough market study will now follow to determine registration priorities.

Although it has to be admitted that the number of visitors was little bit disappointing, largely due to the Coronavirus, this gave us, on the other hand, the opportunity to take more time to meet and discuss with Bhatbhateni’s key customers about their concerns & needs and especially how we as a manufacturer of European quality veterinary medicines can help them to run their farms profitably.

A special thanks to the whole team of Bhatbhateni for their professional support during the exposition.

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